Cracking Personalisation in Digital Banking at the Global Retail Banking Innovation Summit

On 26th September 2019, global leaders in the retail banking space will come to Singapore to discuss current banking and fintech trends and deliver predictions on what the future of the retail banking landscape will look like at the Global Retail Banking Innovation Summit 2019.

The event agenda covers a range of pertinent themes including artificial and augmented intelligence, fintech collaboration and the power of personalisation. The list of speakers includes leading figures from the banking and fintech industry and includes speakers from DBS, Standard Chartered Bank, Grab and Razer.

Olivier Berthier, CEO & Co-Founder of Moneythor, joins this esteemed list of speakers and will be giving a keynote speech on cracking personalisation in digital banking. His presentation will focus on the complex convergence of data analytics and user experience and the key challenges faced by banks looking to deliver personalised digital services to their customers.

The presentation will provide a candid look at what works (and doesn’t) when using data with AI to create engaging recommendations, contextual insights and personalised nudges to help customers improve their finances and banks increase digital engagement.

The day summit will be followed by the Annual Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards and gala dinner.

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View the full event agenda here