Modern toolkit

The modern toolkit to enhance digital banking

Moneythor enables financial institutions to deliver improved functionality and experience to their customers across their digital channels.

Personalized recommendations & insights

A white-labelled solution to help financial institutions deliver contextual recommendations & insights to their customers within their existing online & mobile banking applications.

Engage beyond a pure transactional relationship with your customers. Offer proactive and integrated personal finance management (PFM) functionality, with forecasts, budgets, goals and more. Leverage your digital channels to cross-sell or promote products in a truly personalized way.

Recommendations and Insights

Web, Mobile & API

A flexible framework to enhance the digital banking experience of customers across all devices with out-of-the-box Web integration and a developer-friendly API.

Deliver new interactive features and enriched transaction data with no disruption to existing online services. Publish tailor-made interactive content to assist users with their money management via a straight-forward implementation.

Web Mobile API

Rich banking data

An engine to augment, classify and analyze transaction data in order to generate better insights for the bank and its customers.

Automatically associate any transaction including income & expenses to the most relevant categories. Normalize transaction details for improved analytics. Detect patterns in account & card statements such as recurrence and location.

Rich Banking Data

About Moneythor

Moneythor is a financial technology company, with offices in Singapore and Paris, developing banking software components designed to provide better digital banking for customers and enhanced marketing & analytics for banks.

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