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Make All Banking Interactions Compelling From Acquisition to Activation to Engagement.

The Engagement Flywheel

Acquisition is good. Activation is better. Engagement is best.

Align the different stages of the banking journey to ensure that remarkable customer experiences are delivered continuously, creating momentum, and generating sustainable and profitable growth for the bank. It is the small actions at each stage of the journey that create big reactions over time.

The Flying Wheel By Moneythor



of financial institutions believe that their current acquisition strategies were successful.

Mt Solutions Referral

Referral Dashboard

A comprehensive view of referrals in action, along with any recent updates on activity. This includes tracking the progress of referrals, noting any successful conversions, and staying updated on the latest developments or changes in the referral program.

Progressive Incentives

Implement behaviour-driven incentives that reward both the referee and referrer for completing various actions. These incentives can include bonuses, discounts, or other perks based on specific behaviours such as signing up, making purchases, or referring friends.

Mt Solutions Progressive Incentives
Mt Solutions Real Time Nudges

Real-time Nudges

Deliver nudges and reminders to keep both the referrer and referee engaged throughout their journey. These nudges can include personalised messages, progress updates, or prompts to take specific actions such as completing a referral, exploring new features, or redeeming rewards.



of newly acquired customer drop-off within the first 3 months

Mt Solutions Award & Redeem

Award & Redeem Points

Automated management of multiple types of points and redemption options. This includes managing points earned through referrals or other activities and providing users with flexible redemption choices such as cashbacks, vouchers, offsets for purchases, and a diverse selection of gifts.

Gamified Loyalty Campaigns

Promote engaging customer journeys and sustain ongoing involvement by incorporating elements of gamification such as interactive games, captivating quests, and stimulating challenges. These gamified experiences not only add an element of fun and excitement but also encourage users to actively participate, explore new features, and achieve milestones within the platform.

Mt Solutions Gamified
Mt Solutions Card Linked Offers

Card-linked Offers

Efficiently manage and seamlessly integrate Merchant-funded card link offers into your campaigns to drive activation and boost user engagement. These offers leverage partnerships with merchants to provide exclusive discounts or rewards from participating merchants.

Next Generation Referrals

After the initial referral, capitalise on continued network effects by fostering ongoing engagement from both parties, encouraging them to complete additional actions that benefit each other.

Mt Solutions Next Gen Referrals



It takes on average 12 months for a customer to become profitable.

Mt Solutions Recommendations

Recommendations, Insights & Nudges

Leverage Moneythor’s extensive library of hundreds of AI-powered, data-driven insights and nudges to further enhance the user experience and drive positive financial behaviours. These actionable insights and nudges are designed to provide personalised recommendations, alerts, and guidance tailored to each user’s financial situation and goals.

Spend Tracking & Notifications

Create a compelling visual narrative of customer’s spending patterns, offering them a clear and intuitive overview of their financial habits to facilitate better decision-making and encourage increased savings. By visually depicting where their money is being allocated, users gain valuable insights into areas where they can potentially cut back or adjust their spending behaviours.

Mt Solutions Spend Tracking
Mt Solutions Savings Goals

Savings Goals & Auto-Contributions

Assist customers in tracking their savings progress relative to their goals, providing them with real-time updates and insights to keep them motivated and on track. Additionally, facilitate automatic contributions to their savings based on predefined criteria, streamlining the process, and ensuring consistent progress towards their objectives.

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Unlocking Profitability with Customer Activation Management

Increase product adoption and usage with personalised and contextual experiences throughout the user journey.

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Savings Goals and Nudges

ANZ wanted to create in-app goals and nudges to help their customers better manage their money and assist them in building healthy saving habits.

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