Harvest uses Moneythor for enhanced relevance of account aggregation

Paris & Singapore, 18 January 2018 – Moneythor, the financial technology company providing banks and fintech firms with a digital banking toolkit and data-driven personalisation engine, has been deployed by Harvest, the leading specialist software publisher in France for all companies within the financial and wealth management segment. The Moneythor solution has been selected to enhance the precision of insights delivered to clients in the MoneyPitch digital service from their aggregated accounts at multiple financial institutions.

This technology partnership enables Harvest to augment the digital engagement and analytical capabilities of MoneyPitch, its new B2B2C solution aimed at asset management professionals, banks and insurance companies. In addition to augmenting and classifying the aggregated financial data of end clients, the Moneythor engine enables the Harvest solution to deliver personalised, contextual and actionable financial insights helping clients improve their finances.

“Our solution at the intersection of personal financial management (PFM) and data-driven recommendations is an important enabler for the production of precise financial advice to clients. This partnership with Harvest is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our position on the French market in a context of new demands arising from the revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2)”, said Stephane Nouy, Managing Director Europe at Moneythor.

Our announcement is also available in French.

About Moneythor

Moneythor (moneythor.com) is a financial technology company, with offices in Singapore and Paris, developing software providing more intelligent and contextual digital banking for customers and enhanced marketing and analytics for banks and fintech firms. The company’s solution comes as an easy-to-implement set of software components delivered as APIs enabling services providers to offer improved functionality and experience including personalised and contextual recommendations to their customers through their digital services.

About Harvest

Harvest (harvest.fr) is a software company specialized in the financial and wealth management segment. Since its incorporation in 1989, Harvest has developed considerable expertise in integrating tax, social, financial, and wealth management procedures into simulation software for companies in the banking and insurance sectors, as well as independent financial advisors in France. The company is listed on Alternext since 2005.