Moneythor is a VivaTech 2021 Challenge Winner

Moneythor is a winner at Vivatech Orange 2021 challenge

Moneythor is excited to announce that we have been selected as an Open Innovation Challenge Winner at VivaTech this year.

Every year in collaboration with this event, Orange hosts Open Innovation Challenges to encourage cooperation between companies, and winners are welcomed to participate at the VivaTech event, presenting them with the opportunity to expand their network and forge new partnerships.

This year, Orange decided on two main categories as its focus; the first centred around 5G, artificial intelligence and data, and the second around corporate social responsibility, the environment and digital inclusion.

Moneythor is a winner in the second category, having designed a service that enables Orange Bank’s customers to manage the carbon footprint of their transactions.

We’d like to thank Orange for the recognition, and we are looking forward to seeing you at Vivatech this year.