Moneythor at BITS 2021

Nihon Unisys, the leading supplier of digital banking integration solutions in Japan has selected Moneythor as one of companies they are exhibiting at BITS 2021 this year. Moneythor and Nihon Unisys formed a partnership in March 2020, and have since deployed several clients together.

The event runs from the 2nd to the 4th of June 2021, and will discuss a variety of themes that is relevant across a range of industries like social development issues and the application of ICT in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, finance and education.

Mr. Mitsuyasu Matsuo and Mr. Masahiko Nagatsuka will be presenting on how to create a cohesive environment for foreign fintech companies in Japan, and how companies like Moneythor can improve levels of customer engagement for Japanese financial institutions.