Acorns Australia goes live with Moneythor

May 8, 2017 – Moneythor, a financial technology company providing banks and fintech firms with a digital banking toolkit and data-driven personalisation engine, has been deployed by Acorns Australia, the popular micro-investing service enabling users to round up purchases and invest the spare change into diversified portfolios.

The new ‘My Finances’ features of the Acorns app in Australia were developed with the Moneythor engine’s machine-learning capabilities to analyse customers’ spending patterns and provide personalised insights into savings opportunities. The solution’s predictive analytics and data classification techniques are also used to provide customers with an estimate of their future cashflow and automated transaction categorisation.

“We are delighted to see the results of our collaboration with Acorns Australia going live”, said Olivier Berthier, Chief Executive Officer, Moneythor. “With its ability to analyse banking data at scale and generate proactive recommendations, our technology is about enabling our clients to deliver their very own compelling user experience to their customers. And Acorns did just that.”

“It is a pleasure to work with Moneythor”, commented George Lucas, Acorns Australia Managing Director. “We share with them the same values, high standards of quality and will to innovate. Their solution has been instrumental in pursuing our mission of making personal finance easy to manage and plan for Australian consumers and to assist in achieving their savings goals. We are looking forward to developing additional new features with their technology.”

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