Launch loyalty programmes and campaigns

Loyalty programmes and rewards campaigns are no longer just a promotional method to get new customers through the door, but a central part of financial institutions’ relationships with their customers. Cultivating robust loyalty features has become a must for digital banks to retain and keep their valuable customers engaged in an ever increasingly competitive market.

The Moneythor solution helps digital banks nurture their brand affinity by launching real-time data-driven loyalty campaigns. 

The platform combines native support for core loyalty capabilities such as configurable campaigns, challenges, points, referrals, merchants, rewards and vouchers, with gamification techniques and a straight-forward integration to the digital banks’ front- and back-end systems.

Real Time Data Driven Loyalty
Banking Loyalty Programmes And Campaigns

Loyalty management with built-in digital engagement
Leveraging the Moneythor event-based orchestration engine, digital banks deliver personalised and timely experiences that increase engagement and reduce churn, while developing customer advocacy.

Points, rewards and card-linked offers
From configuring partners & merchants with third-party rewards and vouchers delivered as QR codes, scratch cards or mini-games, to supporting multiple and concurrent types of points and virtual currencies, or managing card-linked offers from targeted invitations to automated redemptions, the solution provides digital banks with all the tools to create unique programmes.

Configure Deploy Personalise

Augment, Configure, Deploy & Personalise

Turn the raw data from your core banking system into actionable information and triggers to drive engagement and loyalty. Leverage the business-friendly configuration tool of the solution to personalise your campaign and deploy gamification features and interactive content seamlessly within your digital banking channels.



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