Build a digital bank

The landscape for financial services is continuously challenged by the need to keep up with the accelerated demand for digital solutions. Globally, an increasing number of incumbent banks as well as new entrants from other industries launch digital banks, virtual banks or neobanks to serve consumers and businesses better while providing superior service and capabilities.

The Moneythor solution is a fully configurable platform designed to be a building block of such digital bank initiatives.

It is deployed between the digital bank’s core system and its customer-facing channels to deliver highly personalised experiences to its customers. With its next-gen personal financial management (PFM) features, the solution enables the digital bank to offer a fresh and differentiated experience from its competitors.

Moneythor Mobile Interface Example
Building A Digital Bank Section

Delivering uniquely personalised experiences
Leveraging in-house and third-party Open Banking data, the Moneythor solution enables the delivery of data-driven insights, contextual recommendations and nudges tailored to each customer, preconfigured or uniquely crafted by the digital bank’s own team in full autonomy. Examples of these include money management notifications, budgets, savings goals, cashflow forecasts, financial literacy material, relevant offers, gamification, rewards and more.

An experienced team to support your digital bank launch
The Moneythor team has worked with a diverse set of clients to support the successful deployments of their new digital banks globally helping them create experiences that delight customers.

Enhancing Digital Banking Today 2

Augment, Configure, Deploy & Personalise

Fast-track the launch of your digital bank with our white-label and flexible solution that integrates with your app and enriches your core banking system data. Deploy within your technical infrastructure or on your preferred cloud-based platform (e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud). And use the solution’s back-office tool to configure rich dynamic customer experiences.



We have prepared a collection of articles and white papers on the subject of building a digital bank which you may find handy, including introductory guides, best practices on personalisation, thoughts on profitability and more.