Add modern PFM features to your banking app

Faced with increased competition from their traditional peers as well as new entrants, the pressure on banks and issuers to enhance their existing digital services is greater than ever before. Adding intelligent personal financial management (PFM) features to their online channels has become a must-have capability expected by customers globally.

The Moneythor platform enables banks of all sizes to add state-of-art PFM capabilities to their existing mobile and Web-based services.

By embedding the solution’s flexible API into their existing banking app, financial institutions can easily offer engaging PFM experiences such as intelligent spend tracking, savings goal and financial wellbeing content, powered by the solution’s innovative ability to produce tailored PFM insights to customers in real-time.

Enhancing Cashflow Management
Modern Pfm Features

Out-of-the-box availability of best-in-class PFM features
The solution comes preconfigured with a comprehensive set of PFM capabilities delivered via API & widgets including account aggregation for a unified transaction history with advanced search & insights, auto-categorisation and enrichment for transactions of all types, self-service annotation, manual or automated budgets, savings goal setting and tracking, cashflow forecasts based on predicted expenses & income, and more.

Insights, recommendations & nudges for a unique PFM experience
With its preconfigured library of curated templates designed to increase customers’ engagement across money management, financial literacy, contextual marketing and offers, any banking app can go beyond traditional PFM alerts & dashboard to become a truly personalised financial coach.

Augment Configure Deploy

Augment, Configure, Deploy & Personalise

Enhance your existing app with automated AI-based transaction categorisation adapted to each customer.Configure a wide range of PFM features and blend uniquely crafted insights into the experience. Deploy within your existing technical infrastructure or on your preferred cloud-based platform. And constantly update the personalised content offered to your customers with the solution’s user-friendly configuration tool.



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