Rendez votre chatbot plus intelligent

Chatbots and virtual assistants have become an additional way for digital banks to manage a range of conversational interactions with their customers. Using natural language processing (NLP) techniques, chatbots can help financial institutions improve the time it takes to serve their customers while assisting them in performing various tasks.

The Moneythor solution provides a flexible back-end service to help your chatbot respond to complex queries from customers about their finances.

Deployed between your digital bank’s system of record and the NLP layer of your chatbot, the solution provides enriched financial data insights and fully configurable interactive conversation starters to offer a more intelligent experience to your customers beyond entry-level FAQs.

Smart Banking Chatbot
Smarter Chatbot

Configure data-driven responses to complex intents
A successful chatbot must be able to respond to a broad set of customer queries and not be limited to the detection of only a few hard-coded intents. The Moneythor platform and its configuration tool can be used to scale the number and variety of transaction-based intents understood by your chatbot.

Start new conversations with actionable notifications
The conversational user interface of a chatbot is an excellent channel to add a layer of interactivity to the notifications sent to customers. The personalised insights, recommendations & nudges generated by the Moneythor engine can natively be turned into conversation starters in your chatbot with Quick Replies and Call-To-Action.

Augment Deploy Personalise

Augmentez, configurez, déployez et personnalisez

Enable your chatbot to deliver more engaging conversational experiences leveraging augmented financial data coupled with fully configurable logic for custom intent processing. Deploy the solution with your conversational NLP platform of choice (e.g. Dialogflow, LUIS, Lex, Rasa, etc.) and deliver tailored conversations at scale.



Over the years, the Moneythor team has helped enhance a number of banking chatbots. We have compiled that experience and the relationship of such conversational interfaces with digital banking in various posts which you may find interesting.