Améliorez le bien-être financier de vos clients

To provide consumers with acute financial literacy and a good understanding of their financial situation, banks are increasingly focusing their attention and the capabilities of their digital banking services to ensuring that consumers have the right tools to achieve their short and long term financial goals.

The Moneythor solution offers configurable use cases with out-of-the-box support for the deployment of interactive financial wellbeing programmes.

Financial institutions of all sizes can upgrade the digital experiences they offer with personalised insights, actionable recommendations and contextual nudges designed to improve their customers’ financial wellbeing in the long run.

Financial Wellbeing Programmes Deployment
Customer Financial Wellbeing

Encourage the adoption of good financial habits
Giving your customers enriched views of their finances with transparent tips and tailored activities can help position your digital bank as a genuine daily financial guide. The Moneythor platform and its orchestration engine enable the deployment of such a personalised financial coach within your banking app.

Drive engagement with challenges and rewards
Your financial wellbeing programmes can be fun and engaging too. The solution enables the configuration of long-running challenges with objectives and milestones to achieve. And rewards can also be granted by the platform to customers who are progressing towards improving their financial situation.

Augment Personalise Deploy

Augmentez, configurez, déployez et personnalisez

Enrich your customers’ data to enhance their understanding of where their money goes. Configure digital tools and personalised advice which help them lead healthier financial lives. Deploy your proprietary financial coach within the existing infrastructure powering your online & mobile banking services.



Helping people becoming financially fit is very dear to our heart at Moneythor. Here is a series of articles, guides, do’s and don’ts as well as experts’ interviews for a deeper look at the synergies between financial wellbeing & digital banking.