Retail Banking

Augment your digital banking services with personalised recommendations for consumers, including personal financial management (PFM), financial literacy & advisory, contextual marketing, card-linked offers (CLO) and more.

Retail Banking

Traditional features offered by retail banks via their digital channels are often exclusively transactional and not effective at engaging with customers or genuinely helping them with their daily financial needs. What is required is a more proactive approach, whereby transaction & activity data is constantly analysed in order to provide personalised insights and timely recommendations to consumers.

The Moneythor solution delivers a powerful and flexible platform along this vision to enable customers of retail banks and B2C fintech firms to improve their finances both in the short and long term.

Deliver Unique Banking Experiences

The Moneythor solution delivers contextual and actionable for an ultra-personalised digital banking experience.


今日の顧客が期待しているのは、 パーソナライズされた ~との銀行業務経験 リアルタイムの洞察。

デジタル バンキングの目標アイコン

What is your digital banking goal?

The Moneythor solution is packed with pre-built use cases to help financial institutions of all sizes implement their ever-evolving digital plans.